May So Far Through My Phone


1. Went to Sense Of Space exhibition here in London and found myself in a room full of flowers. // 2. Spent more time than ever outside. This is the park I spent most of my lunch breaks in. // 3. Shoreditch. It’s not my favourite of all areas but I loved it when I recently came here to take a stroll. // 4. Pizza, laughter, great company.


1 & 2. The weather has mostly been amazing but one Saturday was super rainy, which is why I went to the museum with my boyfriend. // 3. My old neighbourhood Brixton through a bus window. // 4. Weird Friday afternoon selfie.


  1. Constantly amazed by London’s beauty. // 2. Breakfast at Wild Caper in Brixton, my favorite breakfast place. // 3.+4. My office I wrote the last blog post in.

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